Sunday, April 30, 2006

If you havent seen it yet...

I can really recommend the movie "Elizabeth I" on HBO. I've just finished watching the first half. They've taken a little license with history (I dont think Elizabeth I and Mary Queen of Scots ever met in real life), but if you can ignore a few historical inaccuracies, it's actually so far been a pretty good movie. The sets and the costumes looked excellent. I cant wait to watch the second half.

I've hurt my back somehow. Not exactly sure what I did, but my right hip is numb. Feels like it's burning at times, and it hurts my back to bend forward. I'll probably end up having to go to a doctor for this. The pain isnt all that bad, but the numbness is a bit disturbing.

My laptop, a 3yr old Compaq Presario, suddenly went bad this week...really wont even boot up and give me a Blue Screen of Death bad. You know it's totally fubar if you cant even get it to give you a Blue Screen of Death. Luckily, my 3yr warranty from Best Buy hadnt expired yet (expires in June) so my laptop is at the 'puter ER (also known as "it's been shipped off to the manufacturer...dont expect it back anytime soon...") Shocks the heck out of me that it crapped out BEFORE the warranty expired. Someone at Compaq must have set the fubar timer wrong when it left the crapped out about 2 months too early. It's been my experience that computers always kill themselves once the warranty has expired. This is the first time I've ever been lucky enough to have one do it beforehand.

So, while I was at Best Buy, saying goodbye to my Compaq laptop as it left for it's long journey, my dad told me that I could get my birthday present early. (yep, you guessed it) so we went and looked at new laptops. There was some lady in the computer department that would not let me look at any of the laptops. Everytime I walked over to look at one, she'd push her way in front of me and "hog" the computer. I finally got to look at the one I wanted. I noticed this woman kept pulling the info cards out of the holders in front of the computers. I didnt think anything of it at the time, and I picked out a nice Toshiba. It was late, and the computer Geeks had to install some software, update stuff on it and make sure it would actually work (10% of all computers come out of the box DOA) so I left it at the store over night.

Went back this morning with my dad to pick it up. Got it, came home...opened the box and discovered that the computer they gave me was NOT the computer I picked out the night before. Wasnt even close. (wrong processor, wrong hard drive) Only thing the computer had in common with the one I thought I was getting was the monitor size and the brand name.

So, I repacked the computer and went back down to the store. Walked in, told them it was the wrong computer. They said the receipt and the computer matched. (duh) I told them this was not the computer I picked out. Apparently the computer hogging woman, when she kept pulling the info cards out, either accidentally or purposefully switched ALL of the info cards for most of the laptops.

This would be why when Mohammed the sales guy sold us the computer, he had the wrong info.

This did work out in the end. The wrong computer was on sale for $999....the computer I had actually picked out was on sale for $1099. Since today is sunday and the prices changed the one I wanted was now $1249.

The manager of the computer department, Corey, was so nice and understanding that he gave me the computer that I had originally picked out for $999 (yay!!!). Unfortunately I now have to wait till friday to get it since they didnt have any available in the store. (oh well)

I'm probably giving my old laptop to my dad, since his Sony laptop is ancient (it's 6yrs old!!!) I'm surprised it still works!

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