Saturday, April 26, 2008

This is funny. You're gonna laugh.

Ok, so we needed a bathtub (we took the old one out to build a bigger shower for my mother)

So, we got this one installed.

NewTub before tile work

Sorry, I dont have a more current picture of it totally finished yet. This picture was taken back in October right after it was installed. We didnt get the tile finished till about 2 weeks ago.

Today, my dad decided to use the tub for the first time since we had all the nice tilework done.

Because I've already warned you that this would be funny and you'd laugh, you're probably guessing that his bath did not end well.

You're right.

That door has to be completely closed to keep the water from leaking out. Well, my dad *giggle* didnt have the door shut at all. He was wondering why it was taking so long to fill up. Looks over the side...water all over the floor.

He said something to my mom about the water, probably something like "Quick! Get some towels!".

I heard some yelling, and wandered out of my room to investigate. When I realized that the tub was leaking, curiousity made me walk into the unfinished basement just to check and see if there was water in there.

It was raining in the room.

On top of my dad's was running off the pipes, because apparently the water upstairs on the floor spread out before it started dripping downstairs. I noticed some of it was heading for the electric light in the middle of the room, and some other water was seriously close to the circuit breaker. (and dad was upstairs, still in the tub)

I warned him to get out just in case.

So, anyways, dad came downstairs, moved a couple of boxes over, and then promptly went and took a shower in the other bathroom and took my mom to go shoe shopping. *grumble*

Leaving ME to dry the store room out.

Luckily, nothing important seems to have been too soggy...except for some of my dad's power tools that he never uses anymore. Our electric fan is a big industrial type fan, so the particle board shelves seem to be dry, the floor is still drying, and it seems like a lot of the water actually went down the basement drain and the opening into the sump pump. I do have the fan directed at the ceiling, since it was pretty soggy up there.

I'm really hoping that we dont get any mold or mildew from this. I made an interesting discovery too. Rubbermaid Totes. They are really nice to have when you dont want stuff to get wet. I found my Rubbermaid tote that had all my Beanie Babies in it that I had packed when we moved here about 5yrs ago. It was in the direct line of fire (err...water) When I checked, they were all perfectly safe and dry. Now they're sleeping on my bed's headboard. I'm very happy about that my Beanie Babies survived.

So, I can tell you that if you have a lot of nice yarn that you want to keep dry (unless you're into felting) then get some Rubbermaid Totes and keep them sealed up tight.

So, did anyone laugh?? Was I right about the laughing?? I'm tired now...for some reason I had to dry out a wet basement while my parents went shoe shopping.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Finally upgrade to IE7, and I'm not happy.

I upgraded from IE6 last night to IE7 because IE6 kept locking up my computer...if I went to any pages that had Flash running on them, the page would close and I'd have to send Microsoft an "Error Report".

I got tired of it when sites that I never had a problem with before started to lock up, so I upgraded...and IE7 sucks just about as much.

I just checked my blog, and my pictures are on top of the links on the right side of the page. Not sure how to fix that.

I dont like this tabbed browsing crap. I read somewhere that you could put IE7 into "Classic view" (would look like IE6) but, that function is either a myth, or they took it out.

The tabs are annoying. If I click on some links in My Favorites, with the mouse cursor too far to the right, it opens every freaking link in the folder. The Refresh button is in the wrong spot, and why do I have two spots for Google? Plus, the Command Bar has some commands on them that I really dont want to have there. I've removed them multiple times, but whenever I open a new browser window, they're back. They wont stay gone.


At least I was consoled from my computer woes by going with my aunt to look at Pug puppies. (I want one!!!) She didnt get one yet, but I can bet that I'll be heading up to the pet store today or tomorrow to buy some chew toys for whatever puppy she may potentially bring home.

Sunday, April 06, 2008

I made a round ripple!

Here's a couple of pictures of my first round ripple. I didnt make it very big because I decided to give it to my cousin's 4yr old, and didnt want it to be too big and unwieldy for her. I used Hobby Lobby's I Love This Yarn to make it.

It probably only contains about a skein's worth of's really not very big at all. Technically it's a practice afghan for making round ripples. I didnt really like the pattern all that much, and just couldnt bring myself to frog it, so it's going to a kid that I know will enjoy it. Here's the pictures.

Round ripple 1


I literally just finished this afghan a few minutes before taking the pictures and posting them to my blog. It's probably only been finished for about 20 minutes now.