Friday, April 28, 2006

I'm going shopping...on Monday

Apparently there's going to be a boycott on monday (May 1st) being sponsored by a bunch of groups that support legalizing illegal immigrants.

What they're asking people (mostly illegal immigrants) to do, is to not spend any money (or make any money) on May 1st. They're planning another series of marches in several American cities (I dont know which eyes glaze over everytime I read about stuff like this)

I guess their aim is to see how much of a financial impact they can make on American businesses. I have nothing against legal immigration. Several of my ancestors were immigrants. I do have a problem with people who break the law, and then expect to be rewarded for it.

There's nothing wrong with the boycott in and of itself, but the reasons behind it. Illegal immigration is just that. It's illegal.

If people come to America to become Americans, I dont care what country they're from, Mexico, England, Upper Mongolia...I dont care, come thru the front door...dont sneak over the border and then jump in the front of the line at the immigration office and expect to become a full fledged American long before the ones who did things the right way that you just cut in front of.

The illegals need to take a number...and probably bring a magazine with them to the immigration offices, because there's a long line of people wanting to become Americans. (which actually surprises me, because if one was to believe the news, the whole world hates America.)

So, instead of going yarn shopping tomorrow or sunday, I'm going to wait till monday and spend some money to help the economy. I cant afford to spend much, but I'll stock up on yarn to help the economy. Hopefully the yarn I'm planning on buying is made in America

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