Thursday, January 24, 2008

Stairs are least apparently for me.

So, earlier I was talking to my dad. I was standing halfway up the stairs (maybe 4 or 5 steps up) and my cellphone rang. I turned to go get my phone, and somewhere between the fifth and the third step I somehow got tossed off the stairs by an invisible force.

I'm pretty sure I missed the last two steps completely, and landed unceremoniously on first) the side of my right foot. second) felt a bad pain in the bone below the knee and the one right above the knee. third) landed on the side of my ass (the right side, which really is the wrong side to land on)

My dad RAN down the stairs (eek!) to see if I was ok. ( I couldnt get up for about 10 minutes, and we had to decide if I should go to the hospital...which we did. Got some nice x-rays, a nifty little icepack and then they came in and said, nothing was broken, but I had a strain/sprain in my knee.

So, I got another souvenier to go with my ice pack. Crutches!

Holy Cow Excrement! Does my knee hurt! I didnt think it would be that painful, but after 2 1/2 hours of sitting on a gurney and they never bothered to bring me an icepack, boy did it get swollen.

I didnt even think I hurt it that bad until I tried to stand up on it when they were letting me go. Now my ankle hurts, the knee hurts, and my back and hip/butt are hurting. This weekend is going to suck.

At least, thanks to my mother having her knees replaced, we have a handy dandy stairlifty elevator type of a thing, so I will not be totally cut off from access to my Toaster Strudels and 7-Up.

I can barely walk right now, so I'm pretty sure I wont be moving around much at all in the morning. Hope the Physician's Assistant was right and that this will be a lot better by this time next week.