Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Thankgoodness for warranties!

I just got back from Best Buy. My laptop (a 3yr old Compaq Presario) just decided to have a nervous breakdown. Luckily, my 3yr warranty on that computer doesnt expire until the end of June. Usually when my computers crap out, it's right AFTER the warranty has expired.

I tried for several hours last night to boot the laptop up...Tried to boot it up in Safe Mode, and it kept hanging up when it got to some driver file. My friend Don was chatting with me on one of the instant messenger programs I use last night, and he walked me thru about 6 or 7 different procedures to try to get the computer to start up, and absolutely nothing worked. At least Don tried to help. It's nice to have a friend who knows what they're doing with computers

The Best Buy computer Geek said that it could be software related, but he thought it might be hardware related. (Baaaaaad hard drive) and that there was also something wrong with the backlight (or something) on the monitor. (that would explain why the picture hasnt been very clear lately)

I'm just so glad that 3 weeks ago, I had the presence of mind to take all of my pictures of TinyMonsters, and all of my crochet patterns that I had stored on that computer and copy them to CD and also store them on my desktop computer...since the Geek told me that they might not be able to save my hard drive if that's the problem. I dont know what made me back all that stuff up, but now I'm so happy that I did it. I wont lose all those pictures of TinyMonsters. I'm not so worried about the crochet's the Tiny pictures that I'd be more broken up about.

My birthday is in May, and my dad keeps asking what I want for my birthday. Hmmm...what could I possibly ask for? ;) I priced a couple of inexpensive laptops while I was at Best Buy...surprising that the one I like the best (a Toshiba) was also the cheapest one. I'm still waiting to see just how badly screwed up my Compaq is right now before I start begging my dad for a new laptop. I was actually going to ask my dad for knitting lessons and a LARGE gift card to one of my favorite yarn stores. I want to learn how to knit socks.

So now, I guess I'm laptop-less until at least the first week of May...I guess now I can get some sewing done now that my laptop isnt hogging up all the space on my sewing table.

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