Friday, April 07, 2006

Stop beating the dead're only making a mess.

There's been a debate about copyright theft going on in one of the crochet forums I go to. I participated in the debate. I made my points (fairly well, I might add) and then I backed off, and quit posting about the subject once I made my point. (which was, that copyright theft/infringement is wrong, and you shouldnt do it)

It would be nice if the people who are still arguing for why they think there's nothing wrong with copyright theft would just back off and let the subject die.

I get it. You're all for it, you're going to keep doing it, and nothing I can say is going to stop you.

All you're doing is making it painfully obvious that you dont give a shit about the designers you're hurting.


Shari said...

I agree totally, Erin. I made my point too, and refuse to say anymore. That was a totally mean thread that was posted yesterday and today, and there will be certain people that I will not talk to again. There was no reason for this latest attack on decency and what is legal and right.

ErinLindsey said...

Oh, I'll probably comment on it again in the forum someday...probably in the next potential debate. I just thought that it was a bit strange that the same people who keep saying for people to drop the current "discussion", keep starting new threads complaining about it. I've also seen more flip flopping than a John Kerry speech being done by some people on the subject.

I stepped away from commenting on it in the forum because a) My head was starting to hurt from banging it on my desk, and b) They're going to do it anyways, no matter what I say.

Someday the publishing companies will realize just how much money they're losing to the copyright theft, and they'll wish they'd nipped it in the bud when they had a chance to really stop it.

Shari said...

Exactly! And at least one admits that she does it now! They will be complaining soon that they can't find as many patterns at Wal Mart and crochet magazines in any store.

Candy said...

I couldn't agree with you more, Erin. Unfortunately, there will always be those people who have a distorted view of what's right and what's wrong. Personally, I don't care what they say, I'll still voice my opinion when I feel it's time. I made my point too, and won't reply to any more of the current posts. However, it won't stop me from voicing my opinions in the future. There's always a time to back down and let things rest; unfortunately, certain individuals over there just didn't see it that way.

ErinLindsey said...

It really is a distorted view. And it's too bad that you cant just flip a switch to make them truly understand how much they're hurting the designers.

I'm sure we'll still always have crochet patterns to work from, but I think that a lot of the creativity of crochet will be lost because the designers will not want to essentially work for nothing because their work gets stolen almost as soon as the publishers can print it up.

I just hope the designers see that there are people who want to, and are trying to support them.