Monday, October 01, 2012

Lost my blog counter

A month or two ago, the counter on my blog quit working...and now the place that I got the counter from is saying that my counter account is going to be deleted because it hasnt counted anything for thirty days. I'm guessing the code or something might no longer be compatible with my blog....or something. Oh well.

I got that counter in April of 2006, and there's been 143,456 total page views since then, and 107,535 total visits. Not bad for a little over six years of counting visits to my blog.

I know that there are still people visiting my blog. I still get the occasional comment, and I've had people email me directly too.

I went digging around on the settings of my blog, and found the activity counter stuff that only I can see. Surprised me to see that there were actually over 100 page views of my blog today. I didnt know about this particular setting (blogspot/blogger changed a few things a few months ago, and I havent looked at it much lately because I've been busy with my mom being sick and myself being sick)

At least I can tell that people still wander in to look at my blog occasionally.