Saturday, March 29, 2008 progress....

Here's what my knitted scarf is starting to look like. It's a bit longer now than it is in the pictures, so I'd say it's about half finished, maybe a bit more than that. I'm using Hobby Lobby's "I Love This Yarn" to make it.

Knitted scarf, yarn is "I Love This Yarn" from Hobby Lobby

Knitted scarf, yarn is "I Love This Yarn" from Hobby Lobby


I got presents today! (thanks sibling!)

I got something cool in the mail today! Crochet patterns! (best type of snail mail, presents that are crochet related)

here are a few pictures of what I got.

crochet leaflets my sibling sent me

crochet leaflets my sibling sent me

This last one is one that I used to have and had been meaning to replace, just hadnt found a copy of it yet. (kinda cool that my sibling sent it to me, now I dont have to search for it!) I lost it and about maybe 30 other pattern leaflets when my dad accidentally threw them out. (I hope it was an accident!)

crochet leaflet my sibling sent me

The leaflet that's titled "Quick Tricks" was seen by my aunt tonight, and she wants me to crochet her the apron that's on the cover. I dont think she'd ever use it, but she'd probably use it as a decoration in her kitchen. She's got a ton of granny squares that I made hung up in a few places to accent other decorations she has in the kitchen. (along with a worsted weight yarn doily that I made for her to use as an afghan, which she's using as a tablecloth on an accent table)

I have more pictures to show (sorry to anyone on dial up!) I was at my dad's little sister's house on Easter, and she'd found some paintings that my grandmother had made (possibly in the early 1990s) and I took pictures of the paintings.

If I get a chance to some day, I'll scan Grandma's paintings, but right now the digital pictures are the best that I can do at the moment.

The paintings are still-lifes. First one is a tree (hopefully it's showing correctly, when I previewed this blog post, it was sideways, even tho the image in my photobucket page was correct) The other two are a bowl of fruit, and some flowers. I think my grandmother was a really good artist. She crocheted really beautiful afghans, and she was excellent at painting ceramic pottery and apparently better than me at painting still-lifes. (I'm not that good)

painting my paternal grandmother did. Not sure when it was done

painting my paternal grandmother did, not sure when it was done

painting my paternal grandmother did. Not sure when it was painted

I'll stop here so that people on dial-up wont want to shoot me for being picture-heavy today.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Today sucked

Two years ago today, my dog TinyMonsters died.

Today, Tiny's best friend in the world died. His buddy Pudge, my aunt's Pug.

They did everything together, and now they're together again. Strangely enough, my previous dog, a Poodle named CheeChako (Chako for short) also died on March 14th (1997)

So, today was full of I'm leaving you with some pictures of Tiny and his buddy...Pudge was a good girl, and gave me a really good impression about Pugs. It's been a bad couple of years for dogs (and a cat) in my family. One of my cousin's lost her dog just after Tiny died (a Dachshund) and then her sister's dog, Oscar (also a black Pug) died last summer. One of my aunt's lost her ancient one eared cat right after Christmas, and now Pudge has left. I loved Pudge just as much as I did Tiny, so it's been a crappy day. My aunt is totally heartbroken.

Here's the pictures of Tiny and Pudge...

My two favorite pictures of Pudge

Pudge, basking in the glory that is Pugness

Pudge, seconds before chasing a squirrel

A cool picture of Tiny catching a snowball when he was about 4yrs old

Tiny, breaking the bonds of gravity

A close up of Tiny that I did from another picture


Tiny, about to pounce on the noisy cement truck coming down the street

Tiny wants to eat a big loud truck

Tiny's baby picture

My favorite picture of TinyMonsters. March or April of 1997. Tiny\'s about 2 or 3 months old.

Tiny, giving Pudge some love

Tiny and his best friend Pudge (my aunt Jan\'s pug) Probably taken in 2002

Tiny and me...seconds after that picture was taken, Tiny jumped me and demanded dinner!) Me and Tiny in my room at our old house. 1998