Wednesday, May 31, 2006


My dad is rearranging the house a bit...moving his home office from the upstairs front room down into the basement. (it's cooler in the basement and he thinks his computer will run better if it's cooler)

My dad found a box of stuff that belonged to my grandmother. One of my aunts had brought it over about a year ago and the box sat in the garage for several months until dad brought it inside recently.

I had just mentioned the other day that I was wondering what had happened to my grandmother's crochet I was kind of surprised when my dad came into my room 5 minutes ago and handed me 6 crochet hooks. Three Susan Bates hooks and three Boye's. One of the hooks looks like it's been thru a war, the enamel is coming off. So I'm guessing that's the one she must have used the most. It's a Boye "I" hook.

It's kind of weird that two days after I'd said something to my dad about wondering what happened to grandma's crochet hooks they turn up. I'm almost positive she had more, but it's cool that my dad found these. I think I'll get out my sewing machine and make a small case to keep them in. That means a trip to the fabric store! Yay!

Monday, May 22, 2006

It's been two years already...

It's kind of strange...that it's been two years since my grandmother passed away. It feels like it was just yesterday. I've been cleaning out my computer desk and found a cd of digital pictures. Found a neat picture of my grandma showing off an afghan that I made for her.

I also found a couple of pictures of TinyMonsters...thought this one was cute. He had apparently been chasing (and catching) snowballs a few moments before this picture was taken. I'm guessing the picture was taken the winter of 2001.

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Look what I found!!

I was looking for some pieces of jewelry of mine that I couldnt find and hadnt seen for several years...I looked inside one of the ceramic boxes that my grandmother had made for me when I was little (she was crafty), I found a doily that she'd crocheted for me. I had asked her to make me one, and I told her I wanted it to have green in it.

I was excited when a few weeks later she presented me with this

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I hadnt seen this doily in several years. It's in serious need of washing, and needs to be reblocked, but I was really thrilled to find it again. (oh, and by the way, I found the jewelry I had been looking for...along with several other pieces of jewelry I'd been missing...found it right after I found the doily)

Now I'm thinking of trying to either copy the doily by sight, or I'm going to look around and see if I can find the pattern for it.

Friday, May 19, 2006

This is horrible.

For the past 6 months, a 12yr old girl named Amber Harris has been missing from her home here in Omaha. She disappeared just before Thanksgiving. The week she disappeared was probably the coldest week we had all winter, and one of the snowiest.

There are several other women missing here in Omaha/Council Bluffs...during a search for one of the other missing women, a body was found in Hummel Park last thursday.

It took a week for DNA test results to come in, but they just confirmed that the body found was Amber Harris.

It's really quite sad. She was a beautiful little girl (and no, I didnt know her) Amber's story was covered nationwide, and the show Without A Trace even aired a blurb about her at the end of one of their episodes.

The news just broke, so I havent seen any news about how Amber died yet. If she was murdered, hopefully whoever did it gets a nice fair trial and a speedy execution. (edited to add: The Omaha PD is ruling Amber's death as a homicide)

And also today the body of a woman was found in the Missouri River. I wont be surprised if it turns out to be one of the other two missing women. (Tracy Tribble or Jessica O'Grady)

The fact that there are several women missing from the Omaha/Council Bluffs area is starting to scare me that there could be a serial killer in the area.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Yay! It finally worked!

Whoohoo!! Just as I was about to give up and start a new blog, I tried again. I dont know what was wrong...because I'd tried everything using the password that I got in with and it wouldnt work until just now. I tried the caps lock on, caps off...number lock on, numbers off.

Finally I changed my cookie settings, rebooted my computer and tried again. This time it worked. I guess it just didnt like me, or it didnt like the browser I was using.

This is weird...

I've been trying to log into my blog from my desktop computer for about a day. Cant do it. It doesnt recognize my password. My laptop is still allowing me to post to the blog (as long as I dont log out) but it wont let me change my password.

I've been trying to get Blogger to email me a reminder of my password just to make sure it's still what I think it is, but after requesting the reminder from Blogger for a total of about 9 times, I have yet to receive anything in my email.

Totally weird.

Hopefully I wont have to start over with a new blog. I was just starting to like this one. If I do, I'll post a comment to this blog entry saying where the new one is (that's if I lose my ability to log into this blog's account for some reason)

On a crochet note...I've been again attempting the Seraphina shawl...and again I'm cussing up a storm because whoever wrote the pattern seems to have left out some vital information.

I've seen on other blogs that I'm not the only one who's had problems starting the shawl, and others have mentioned that there are NUMEROUS errors in the pattern and they have to twiddle with it to get it to work. I really wish someone would rewrite the pattern to make it usable. It's a neat looking shawl if you can figure it out.

Monday, May 08, 2006

I wanna crochet!!!

I've been on a (so far) two week vacation from crocheting. I injured my hip a little over two weeks ago, and it's been quite painful to sit, stand, walk, or lay down. So, it's been hard to get in a position comfortable enough to allow me to crochet. Hopefully things start healing quickly because I'm going nuts not being able to crochet, and I've got one cousin who is about to have a baby in the next few weeks (probably the week of my birthday) and I have nothing made for the little guy yet. Hope my cousin doesnt mind if the baby present is a few weeks late.

I'm going to attempt to do some crocheting tonight. Maybe if I stick to short crochet sessions I can get something small made.

Monday, May 01, 2006

Happy May Day!

I just got back from watching the Mayday immigration protest that was just down the street from my house. Very interesting. I drove down 120th st towards Blondo, before the protesters made it to Blondo street. Saw a few counter-protesters, probably less than 20, holding signs up.

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Talked to a few people standing along the sidewalk while we were waiting for the protesters to walk by. Most of the people I talked to seemed be more annoyed by the way the protesters were acting than the fact that traffic was all fubar along 120th st.

On the news, I'd been reading and hearing that the protesters were being encouraged to carry American flags. That's not what I saw as the protest walked past. Sure, there were a lot of American flags, but there was a lot of Mexican flags and flags from other countries. If they wanted to become American so badly, why did I hear so many yells of "viva Mexico"? I saw an American flag and a Mexican flag that had been sewed together.

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If there's another protest (and there probably will be) I think someone should suggest that they have Port-a-Potty's set up along the way, since as soon as a lot of the protesters saw the gas station that's on the corner of 120th and Maple, they pretty much overwhelmed the station wanting to use the bathrooms. The gas station attendents actually set up a monitor at the door and they were only letting 3 or 4 people in the station at a time after that.

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I was a little grossed out to see a few dozen people go BEHIND the gas station to take care of their business (ewww!! and no, I didnt take pictures of THAT!)

The thing that disturbed me the most, that actually pissed me off, would be the sight of someone, after having publically defecated behind the gas station, proceeded to use a minature American flag as toilet paper. That sight alone will probably compel me to join the counter protesters the next time there's a demonstration.

That was the point where I decided to walk back to my car and leave.

Walking back to my car I saw Father Damien (a well known Omaha Catholic priest who is very outspoken on immigration rights) I said hi to him. He made some joke about people going out for a "little" stroll. He walked into the crowd and joined them over in Tranquility Park soccer field. (Fr. Damien is the man in black walking away from me)

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As far as I know, everything was peaceful. I didnt see any violence, just a lot of people, dumping their trash and baby diapers along the road. Hopefully next time, they'll have people out there with trash cans, encouraging people to use the trashcans and not the side of the road.