Monday, June 05, 2006

Made some progress on the SoDarnedFrustrating shawl.

I might have mentioned earlier that I've been having trouble crocheting on the Seraphina shawl (enough that I've renamed it the SoDarnedFrustrating shawl)

I've finally been able to get past the 4th row. Something that I hadnt been able to do since I started attempting this now I'm stuck somewhere on the 12th row and am about to take the entire thing out to the backyard so I can set fire to it and the pattern in the BBQ grill.

At least I'm a little further along with it now. There could be hope for this yet. I've noticed that there are several errors in the text of the pattern on just about every row. Wish the designer had either proofread the pattern before posting it, or have a pattern tester check the pattern.

The other projects I've been working on lately are a doll for my cousin's daughter, and I've also been working on a purse for myself with crochet cotton. Planning on lining that with some fabric.


sid63usm said...

I understand your frustration. I hate it when I get hung up on a pattern error. You would think that they are tested before going out to others.

I spent yesterday at the courthouse as a potential juror. I wasn't chosen and was very happy. the to more headlines, then click on: son to represent himself in murder trial. Read that. It was really eery. At the time, all I knew was that he was indicted for murdering someone with the same last name, but did not know until I got home and looked it up on court records that he murdered his father.

ErinLindsey said...

Do you have to go back again for more jury duty?

I'm half done with my shawl now. I think it's going better since I abandoned the original directions. Hopefully I'm doing enough increases in the right spots

sid63usm said...

I am done, because I wasn't selected for the jury. I can read about it in the paper. He can get, if guilty, either death or life with no parole. I would vote for death, so my tax $ would not have to support him for life (he is 38).