Friday, June 16, 2006

Hello World!!

Was just looking at the Google Analytics page for my site...I love this thing. It doesnt tell me who has been to my site, but it tells me where (country/town) that they're in. I got a non-American hit tonight...someone in Australia (Bankstown) visited today (hi!). Got a LOT of hits from people on the East Coast (Lititz, PA; Brooklyn; Falls Church, VA;...) and lots of other cool places.

I was telling my aunt Jan about it, and told her that someone from Lititz, PA visited my blog. She got all excited (she's from PA), said she knew some people there.

I even got a visit from someone in Hawaii.

I really like looking at the map on Google Analytics, seeing where everyone is from, and then Googling their towns to see if there's anything neat or interesting about the place. I guess I'll be learning more and more geography now. (my high school geography teacher would have loved this)

and on to some crochet related stuff. I saw a strange crochet sculpture the other day. It was a crocheted urinal ( read that right) and that got me wondering what other strange crocheted sculptures are out I Googled some more, and found this

I have to say that on one hand, I love Patricia Waller's work, but I'm also a bit worried that I might be just as disturbed as she is because I actually want to try and make some of these things. Ok, I'll pass on the pink crocheted bondage tools that she made...(eeek!) but I really like the crocodile with the kid in it's mouth for some reason. Not sure why, but her work just impresses me.