Sunday, June 18, 2006

My dad had a pretty decent Father's Day

This year we remembered my dad (my mom and I were bad last year) and got my dad some actual presents for Father's Day. This year he got a nice oak filing cabinet for his office in the basement. It's so nice that we didnt have to put it together with an Allen wrench. It came already assembled. I labeled all of his file folders in alphabetical order (ran out of folders and the plastic tabs at the letter "Z" tho. (never understand why they dont sell the folders and tabs pre-alphabetized)

I also crocheted an afghan for my dad. It's nothing too fancy. It's done all in hdc, and I used Red Heart Giant (the ginormous skeins that WalMart gets occasionally) to make it. I think I already posted a picture of it on my blog back before I knew it was going to be a gift for dad. Here's a picture
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It's my dad's favorite crochet stitch that I do. He likes his afghans to be warm and functional, not pretty and decorative.

We took him to Upstream Brewing Company for dinner. The food there is pretty good, and they brew their own beers there. I think Dad enjoyed his beer he got, and the sample beer I bought for him to taste (they sell 4 oz. samples of beer for .95 cents) I got him the sample so he could taste it without having to blow $3something on an actual glass.

I'm almost done with my SoDarnedFrustrating...err....ummm...Seraphina shawl. I've still got a bunch of yarn left in the skein I was using, so I'm going to make it a little bigger than I was planning. I'll post a picture when I'm finished.

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sid63usm said...

We had a fun Father's Day here. I got Smokey Bones Barbeque so Dale wouldn't have to cook. All the kids were here for food and swimming.

Dale got a gift card from Best Buy and one from Venture Outriggers.

After they all left, he went out to the park to take some pictures. Of what?? I have no clue!!