Monday, June 26, 2006


Finally, I've managed to complete a Seraphina shawl. I'm not so sure I'll ever do another one of these again. It was such a pain in the ass to start, took me a year and many a ruined skein of yarn to get past the fourth row.

I used worsted weight yarn, and it's very possible that there's a mistake in it (since the text of the pattern was full of mistakes) but it's now finished, and it will probably be years before I ever attempt another one of these things again.

I used Red Heart Giant "Candy Print", and Red Heart Super Saver "Amethyst". When I first started this shawl, I thought the Candy Print color was pretty and that it would look good in this shawl. Last night, as I was finishing up the shawl, and was checking it for mistakes and rogue yarn tails, it started to dawn on me that the Candy Print is a really really really busy yarn.

I'm not all that thrilled with how it turned out. I'm going to keep it for myself since I think that if I gave it to a family member, I'd be disowned. So far the only person who's said they like the color was my dad, but I dont think he's going to wear it unless he's got a disguise over his face.

Here's a picture of my ugly Seraphina shawl.

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I'm starting a scrap-a-ghan tonight. I bought a couple of skeins of Red Heart SS Mexicana and I'm going to mix that with the scrap yarn. I'm using my giant rectangle granny square pattern. I'm doing one round of Mexicana to three rounds of scrap yarn. (started the center with Mexicana) Just started it, only have 4 rounds done so far, but I like how the Mexicana looks with my first color. I've been wanting to do a scrap-a-ghan for a long time, but have been too busy finishing up a couple of other projects to start it before now.

Went to Hobby Lobby tonight to buy the RH Mexicana yarn, and found myself four skeins of Bernat Velour for $1.51/skein. Not at all sure what I'm going do with it...not sure if 4 skeins is enough to do anything exciting, like a shawl.


sid63usm said...

I was thinking about knitting something, but it is too hot for me. I'll have to wait until the fall to start a project.

I am running Camp Nana this week. Elizabeth and Lindsey came with their suitcases on Sunday. They are going to VBS at my church from 9-12 each day. Then we have had picnics then swimming and crafts. They go home Friday afternoon, but will all be back for 4th of July.

Carol Thomas said...

How are you doing on your scrap-a-ghan?? Hope real good!!
Hope the weather at your home is better then it is out here in ca. too hot here.
I think your Seraphina Shawl you crocheted is real pretty !!