Thursday, June 15, 2006

I see you! (sorta)

I just discovered Google Analytics. It's a Google site you can use to monitor traffic on your websites. It's so cool. I can now see on a map all the different places in the world people who've visited my blog are from. I've only had it monitoring my blog for a couple of days, but I've already have 40something hits (about 6 or 7 of those are actually me, checking my blog)

I signed up for it on Google, they gave me the html code to put into the body of my blog template, and a day later, I could see a couple of dots on the map showing the geographical area people visiting my blog are from. So far I havent had any hits from outside the U.S....most of the hits are from the East coast, a couple of places in the Midwest...and a few from the SouthWest and California.

I knew people actually read my blog occasionally, it's just kind of neat to see actual proof of it.

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