Wednesday, May 31, 2006


My dad is rearranging the house a bit...moving his home office from the upstairs front room down into the basement. (it's cooler in the basement and he thinks his computer will run better if it's cooler)

My dad found a box of stuff that belonged to my grandmother. One of my aunts had brought it over about a year ago and the box sat in the garage for several months until dad brought it inside recently.

I had just mentioned the other day that I was wondering what had happened to my grandmother's crochet I was kind of surprised when my dad came into my room 5 minutes ago and handed me 6 crochet hooks. Three Susan Bates hooks and three Boye's. One of the hooks looks like it's been thru a war, the enamel is coming off. So I'm guessing that's the one she must have used the most. It's a Boye "I" hook.

It's kind of weird that two days after I'd said something to my dad about wondering what happened to grandma's crochet hooks they turn up. I'm almost positive she had more, but it's cool that my dad found these. I think I'll get out my sewing machine and make a small case to keep them in. That means a trip to the fabric store! Yay!


sid63usm said...

That is neat that you found those crochet hooks. I have a whole bunch of them, some are rusted and real skinny. I guess grandma Mills used them when crocheting lacy stuff.

I was going to start a project today, but decided that I needed to go to Joann's first and I never got up to go. I had to drive Dale to the day surgery center for a colonoscopy. He got rear-ended!!

It is 3:30 a.m. and I have been sitting here at the computer for several hours. Not sleepy....yet!

Getting a haircut at 9:30 a.m. maybe I'll just stay up. Then I am going to the grocery store. Haven't been in 2 weeks. Nothing good to eat here!

ErinLindsey said...

There was one steel hook in the bunch that my dad gave me. I compared it to the doily that I found the other day that Grandma O'Neil had made for me when I was a teenager. I'm pretty sure it's probably the same hook she used for that doily. I dont think Grandma O'Neil had a lot of crochet hooks like I do. (I buy new hooks all the time if I like the colors) so these hooks might be the only ones she had. I looked at the afghans that she made me, and none of them look like she used anything bigger than the "I" hook. It's cool that I've got her hooks now. I'm going to sew a hook case for them with my sewing machine so they dont get mixed in with my hooks (I have about 90 hooks of my own)