Sunday, December 04, 2005

Just showing off again.... :)

I got a little bit obsessed with a pattern this week. It took me about 5 attempts, but I finally got it figured out (except for the edging, which I decided not to do) The pattern originally is from a doily pattern for a chair back doily. I used an "I" hook and worsted weight yarn (Red Heart...think the color is Baby Pink) The first few attempts took me a couple of days... I had originally attempted it in blue, but ended up not having enough and I had frogged that yarn so much that it was not in very good shape, so I started over with another yarn...frogged that one a few times and got nearly finished when I ran out of yarn...since that was a discontinued color, I had to start over again... By this time I pretty much had the pattern figured out, so it was easy to do...took me about 5 or 6 hours to do this one. Another hour to weave in tails and to attempt the edging (left the edging off)

It's actually a warm shawl...I didnt think it would be till I put it on and stepped out onto our enclosed deck to fiddle with the Xmas tree. Not sure what I'm going to do with it yet. Might end up keeping it.

This is what my obsession got me.

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Dot said...

Beautiful job, Erin. I've been wanting to do this one myself, but keep putting it off. I love pineapples.

ErinLindsey said...

Now that I've got this done, I'm about to start the pineapple poncho that you designed awhile back. I knew how to do pineapples before, but could never do anything with them in an actual pattern, so now I'm kind of excited and really really like the way the stitch looks. I think I'm obsessed with pineapple patterns now.

Candy said...

Your shawl is beautiful, Erin. Great job! I want to do this one too, just have to decide on the yarn to use. It's nice to know this went so quickly for you too.