Friday, December 23, 2005

Ranting about WalMart's craft department

I'm making fabric gift bags to put Christmas presents in. I bought some really pretty plaid fabric the other day at WalMart. Pulled out the fabric today and was getting ready to pin it to sew it into bags when I realized that the moron fabric cutters at WM cut it so crooked that if I try to sew it the lines in the plaid are going to be all wonky.

I used to cut fabric for Hobby Lobby and (ironically) Walmart. It was at WalMart where I learned that if you cut fabric with lines in it (like plaids, or quilt panels) that you have to cut one side of the fabric at a time.

I understand that it's really freaking time consuming to cut it on the line like that, (used to hate the quilters who'd come in 5 minutes before I was supposed to go to lunch, pull down 30 bolts of plaid and ask for forty-five 1/4yd pieces) But it really needs to be done this way.

I know some people reading this are going to think I'm an anal retentive bitch, but if you've ever worked with plaid fabric you'll understand.

Now I have to go up to WalMart, bitch to the manager, and see if they'll re-cut it (and hope that they still have the same fabric in stock).


gawblimeyman said...

What for what it's worth...
I'll never shop at Wallmart again!
(Atually never having been to America, I've never shopped there before as it happens...)
But it's the thought that counts eh!

ErinLindsey said...

hehehee...Well, WalMart is closer than Hobby Lobby is and they're open 24hrs a day, so when I get the urge to go yarn or fabric shopping at 3am, I can do it.

But, having worked for WalMart for 9 hideous and emotionally painful months in 2001, I really shouldnt shop at WM either...I know what a lot of their bad business practices are and we really should not be encouraging them (or giving them more money and keeping them in business)

Candy said...

Years ago, I worked in a fabric store, and being a long-time sewer myself, I knew how to cut fabric. I'm so sorry you got that bad cut at WM. I hope you can salvage what you have and make those bags. I would complain too! As for WM, I haven't been shopping there much anymore either - Hobby Lobby has turned into my new haunt!


Anonymous said...

donot worry walmart is abad as they say.. i try to stay away..
mass is not any better