Sunday, November 27, 2005

Beating my head against a wall....owwww!

This is basically a review of a pattern I've found on the internet.

I'm trying to make the Seraphina shawl. ( Click Here ) and I have to say this is the worst written pattern I've come across in a long time. The designer has errors all thru the pattern... I've attempted this thing several times in the last year and STILL cannot get past the first 3 or 4 rows. Sure, the shawl looks great in other people's pictures...not exactly sure what they did to get the pattern to work for them, I just cannot get past all the mistakes in this pattern.

Sure, she has lots of nice pictures, but the pictures do not always correspond with the text of the pattern. Plus, she changes the direction of the pictures so many times that it's very hard to follow what she's doing. It would be so much easier to do if she'd have the pictures all showing the shawl going in the same direction (example...have the point of the shawl facing down, consistently thru all the pictures, so you can follow the flow of the pattern)

I'd love to be able to make this stupid thing, but it's so confusingly written that I just cannot follow it. I think my only hope will be if Dot Matthews ends up designing her own version of the shawl. I NEVER have problems with Dot's patterns. (ok, so I've been spoiled)

I guess I could sit all day tomorrow and try to figure this shawl out...they're forcasting a "little" blizzard for tomorrow... Lots of nasty ice rain will be coating the roads and sidewalks before the snow, so I'm planning on not going outside if I can help it. I'll have to if the dog has to go potty, but other than that, I'm staying in and hibernating.

I guess I'll go toss out the skein of yarn that I ruined trying to figure out the Seraphina shawl. What a waste.


Kari said...

you can go to and do a search in the forum for the shawl and someone there has redid the pattern to make it readable. (I can't think of her username right offhand)

ErinLindsey said...

Thanks. I'll have to look for it.