Saturday, December 24, 2005

Is dinner ready yet?

I'm still starving to death, and now my aunt Sid has put the idea of cornbread into my head. I have jalapeno cornbread mix in the pantry...and garlic butter in the fridgerator...and and and....I'm STARVING!!!!

*checking directions on cornbread mix*

I think I'll wait till after I pick up my parents from church and see if Dad wants to make the cornbread, I dont think I'll have to twist his arm too much. All he's had to do to cook today was put the chili into the crockpot and put the ribs into the barbeque crockpot thingie with some sauce and Liquid Hickory Smoke... We're doing simple stuff this year...altho I might put a baked potato in the oven later (to put chili on top of)

too bad I didnt think of anything for dessert other than some cookies...I wonder if Hostess Ho Ho's would count as a dessert food...maybe if I put a ice cream christmas tree next to it and top it off with whipped cream? (thank goodness we remembered the whipped cream)

I have to go stare intently at the crockpots and hope that dinner comes soon...and wrap a couple of presents...errr...uhh...put the presents into the nice fabric bags that I've been sewing for the past several years. I've got a nice collection of them now, and my dad likes them because it's saved him a bunch by not buying wrapping paper and he doesnt have to struggle with the tape and ribbons.

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