Saturday, December 24, 2005

I'm starving!!!!!

My dad is making chili and some ribs for mom and I had asked him to make chili and french fries to eat today and tomorrow. My dad has been dreaming about making ribs for quite awhile apparently. A couple of days ago he started talking about wanting this crockpot style barbeque pit thingie. So, last night when he took us down to Target to do some grocery shopping and get a few more presents for him, he wandered off and bought himself his rib cooker he's been wanting. Told my mom that she bought it for him for Christmas. :)

So he's upstairs, basting ribs and stirring chili...I'm sitting down here, dying of hunger because the chili is starting to smell good. (I didnt eat breakfast)

I'm hoping that Santa brought me a Hobby Lobby gift card full of money so that I can go yarn shopping monday. I cant decide on anything new to crochet, so I think I need to go yarn shopping and buy a ton of that and get some new patterns. I doubt that Santa will bring me a Hobby Lobby least not one with a zillion dollars on it so I can clean out the yarn department all at once.

I forgot to get stocking stuffers, so while my parents are at church, I'm heading over to WalMart to see what's left after the last minute shoppers raided the place today.


Candy said...

Merry Christmas, Erin! I hope you and your family are well, and enjoying the holidays! I hope Santa brings you that Hobby Lobby gift card too!

Your chili supper sounds good! I'm making something for supper that I haven't had in ages - lasagna! Your meal sounds so good too, I can almost smell it from up here in Wisconsin!


Anonymous said...

Erin, Dale is making chili and seafood gumbo. I am going to make a chocolate gooey cake (Paula Deen). We will make cornbread to go with chili. Did sit down dinner at Thanksgiving so this is very casual!


ErinLindsey said...

Hi Candy! things are going great here...but now the smell of the ribs has won over the smell of the chili and I'm STILL starving to death! (I had 1 cookie earlier...still havent eaten yet today)

I cant wait to eat.

ErinLindsey said...

Sid! Hi!! Wish I could still eat seafood, because gumbo actually sounds pretty good.

You made chili too? Did you and my mom coordinate this?

Oooo! Cornbread! Dad's got a bag of jalapeno cornbread mix upstairs...I wonder if I can talk him into making that tonight! I'm REALLY hungry...wonder if dad would notice if any ribs were missing if I go do a quality check? (he's at church with mom right now)

Candy said...

Erin, I hope you've been able to eat by now. I was thinking of you earlier while I was watching a show on the Travel Channel, where they were having a barbecue cookoff. Those ribs looked so good!

I just finished my lasagna dinner, and it really hit the spot. Now I'm almost ready to sit down and crochet for awhile. Tomorrow I go visit my mom at the nursing home, and take her all the goodies I have here for her.


ErinLindsey said...

I just had a sample of the chili with a chunk of slightly stale french bread... half tempted to make some spaghetti noodles to put the chili on. (it's beanless chili) It tastes a lot like a spicy spaghetti sauce. My dad is now making the jalapeno cornbread and the ribs are almost finished.

I only had enough chili to keep me from passing out from hunger. So now I'm just waiting for him to pull some meat off one of the ribs for me to "quality check" for him. :)

Hopefully he likes all the stuff I talked my mom into buying for his presents...he's doing a lot of work for making dinner tonight. At least he wont have to do more than microwave a bowl of chili tomorrow.

Hope your mom likes all her goodies. Did you crochet her anything??

Candy said...

I didn't crochet anything for my mother this year. Just didn't have time, and there was nothing specific that she needed or wanted this year.

Hope you get to eat all that good food soon!

ErinLindsey said...

The food was dad thought we might have needed to cook the ribs another hour, but otherwise they were tasty. The chili was put in the fridge for tomorrow. (dad's happy, he doesnt have to cook anything tomorrow now)

We just got most of the presents put under the tree for tomorrow. Took a few pictures and now I'm just going to relax and watch tv...and wrap one more present.