Wednesday, December 14, 2005

What did I do?

this has nothing to do with crochet... I'm sitting here, scratching myself to death.

I have food idea exactly what food I'm allergic to (other than seafood) and what I ate today seemed at the time to not be anything bad. All I've had today is some leftover pizza from the Old Chicago restaurant (wasnt very good, so I didnt eat it all) and some Campbell's chicken noodle soup with an entire can of creamed corn dumped into it instead of water (that's the way my dad made the soup for me when I was's a comfort food now) and some mandarin oranges.

I guess I'm just whining, because scratching the hives off my body is so annoying (and time consuming, and not to mention it could get messy) One of these days I'll find an allergist and find out what it is that's causing this.

On a crochet note, I cant decide what to make next...everything I've started in the past week or two has ended up frogged.


Barb Tillman said...

Could you try going on pure food for a week, nothing packaged, nothing canned. They put so much chemicals in those foods. If you are serious about finding out what causes your hives, try plain rice, brown or white, steamed veggies, any kind, and fresh fruit for a week. Drink only green tea or water or juiced fruit or veggies. Then start gradually adding other foods, one different food at a time. Would baking soda in your bath help with the itching?

ErinLindsey said...

I'm pretty sure that it's a spice of some sort that's causing me problems. I've kept a food diary for a time, and other than the seafood allergies (shellfish seems to be easier to avoid) it seems like the hives are being caused by a spice or something that is apparently pretty common in Italian foods.

I'd do the fancy bath stuff...if I had a bathtub...parents remodeled their bathroom last year and took out the tub to put in a handicap accessible shower.

I have a couple cousins that have life threatening food allergies (nuts) so I try to be a lot more careful with foods nowadays...never know what new allergy will pop up in my system next.