Saturday, December 24, 2005

A few Christmas pictures

Here's a few pictures of my tree...

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And here's my mom...holding my dad's stocking (both my mom and I have fairly empty's not real good at buying stocking stuffers)

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Anonymous said...

Did you have a nice Christmas Day? We did. Slept late. Rosemary and family came over at 9 a.m. I made Gorilla Bread for breakfast (Paula Deen recipe). Last night I made Chocolate Gooey Cake (Paula Deen recipe). Very good.

Dale's chili and seafood gumbo were outstanding.

Ann and her family came over about noon. Then they went to Jon's mother's house.

So this afternoon has been quiet.

Tomorrow we are going shopping for the new livingroom furniture. I got a picture of what Dale likes and I like as well. We are getting a brown leather couch and love seat.

I also got a diamond necklace. I love diamonds! I have one in yellow gold and this one is in white gold.

Dale got an HD TV and a satellite radio (Roadie) for his car (truck).

Allen gave me 2 tickets to see Larry the cable guy (in February). I love his humor!!


ErinLindsey said...

We had a pretty cool day. Mom got a diamond pendant (heart shaped, says "Love" in the middle), two gold chains (one a box chain, the other is a snake chain), and a blue topaz/diamond pendant. She got some other stuff, but the jewelry was her big present.

I got a iPAQ pocket computer, a memory foam mattress pad for my bed, a memory foam pillow, the Star Wars trilogy on dvd, a sterling silver jade pendant, and a citrine/marcasite pendant.

My pocket computer is cool, but I'm disappointed that the WiFi doesnt work on our system (our system is apparently too fast for it) I can use the WiFi if the pocket computer is in it's cradle and plugged into my desktop computer. I'm going to Panera Bread (local WiFi hotspot) tomorrow for lunch and see if it works with their system there.

Dad got a Bissell push sweeper (he'd been wanting one), a Swiss Army knife (to add to his collection) some socks, a robe, binoculars, a warm hat to wear in the snow, and a couple of shirts. I think he was most impressed with his Swiss Army knife...he likes to collect knives.

Dad's chili turned out pretty good today, we had some leftover jalapeno cornbread muffins with it and some bowtie noodles. It was a pretty good day.

Anonymous said...

Today we went and selected the couch and chair, to be delivered on Thursday. Dark brown leather.

quiet day today, finished a fleece blanket for William. Made one for Griffin, but didn't finsh William's until today. They have basketballs, footballs, and soccer balls on a blue background.

Gonna start on the nightgowns that I bought fabric for 2 months ago. Have to clean off a place to cut out the stuff and then I'll be good to go.

Dale has gone out to take some pictures at the park. Allen is at work. R&S are in Mississippi. A&J are at home.

I am going to call your mom tonight.

ErinLindsey said...

We took Mom out to return one of her presents, then got her some Clinique makeup and took her to lunch. Was in the Von Maur store at the mall, waiting for mom to get her makeup, and got bored...pulled out my new PDA and discovered that it was picking up the WiFi signal from the Panera Bread out in the mall. So, I stood there and checked my email, and played around with the PDA a bit... At least now I know the WiFi works. (doesnt work at home, our system is too fast for it)

It's warm here today. Almost didnt need our coats...almost.

Got my memory foam mattress pad on my feels great. I'm almost considering going to bed now (530pm CST!) Took a bit of manuvering to get it on the bed, and put it inside it's special matress cover. It's like trying to move a queen sized sponge. At least I probably wont have to worry about the foam mattress sliding off the bed.

Denise said...

Need to know why you have the cage around your tree.. I have 4 cats.. and it never fails, 1 of them constantly is "curious" enough to climb inside the tree and bat at the icicles and bulbs.. a couple years back, I actually had at least 12 glass bulbs batted down and "tossed" down the steps to the basement and shattered everywhere... I could see that the chair is close.. "Angel" (her name) would definately get behind the cage with a chair... any suggestions to keeping the varment out of the tree would be greatly appreciated.... Denise

ErinLindsey said...

Denise, the reason behind the fence would be my dog. TinyMonsters. He's a 100pound Bouvier des Flandres who thinks that everything on the floor is his, and everything else in reach is his. I want to keep my ornaments from becoming dog toys or shrapnel on the floor, so I've kept it behind the puppy fence for 9 years now (Tiny's 9)

Some years I decorate the fence with lights...