Friday, September 30, 2005

This is cool...

If you have Yahoo Messenger, they have this cool (mostly) free service on it...It's Yahoo Music. You can choose from a bunch of different stations that play streaming music. It's pretty cool...right now my favorite station is the Big Band station. Not sure what it is about music that was playing on radios when my parents were toddlers, but I really enjoy it. I really like The Andrew Sisters, and Nat King Cole...and Ella Fitzgerald...and especially Louie Armstrong...My favorite song has to be "What a Wonderful World". Love that song for some reason. Back when 9-11 happened, when I was still working for WalMart (boo! hiss!!) I was sitting in the front of the store, crocheting little patriotic ribbons to sell for donations to the Red Cross.

So, I'm sitting there, crocheting my little fingers off...terribly sad about the terrorists attacks a few days before, when some guy comes into the store, starts to walk past the table I was at...then he walked back, stuffed two $100 bills into the jar in front of me and refused to take any ribbons for it. The song "What a Wonderful World" was playing right about then...I'd always loved that song before, but I guess seeing some guy just stop, pull out that money and stuff it into the jar made me feel good, and so now when "What a Wonderful World" plays, it just makes me feel better.

Too bad WalMart fired me about 2 weeks later. They panicked because people were not shopping for a couple of months after WM just started to thin their herds of blue vested cattle...guess they needed to do that so they could pay the people in the sweat shops their few pennies a day.

Hope I dont sound too bitter about having worked for WalMart...I still shop there, (they're squeezing out all the other stores in my area) I just wish that the WalMart that just landed in a cornfield near my house had a better craft really sucks...that craft department is only a bit nicer than the one that the Kmart down the street from it used to have (Kmart got rid of their craft departments in the early 90's)

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Carol Thomas said...

Boy you sure are right about Walmarts yarn & craft department, it does suck, just about the only time I can find any certain colored yarn I need, is about the 3rd. week in the month, when everyone else is broke, their wallets are completely empty, & all I can say, is oh boy, now it's my turn to clean them out, so no one else can find anything they want!! That's why the bed in our other room is "FULL" of yarn, I don't want to run out!!!! :)