Monday, September 26, 2005

Note to self...

Dont leave valuable crochet patterns printed out on the printer (which is below my desk) because when the dog gets a tummy ache, he gets a serious craving for paper, and a huge urge to turn that paper into homemade confetti.

TinyMonsters (my dog) is feeling better now (hopefully!). We took him to his favorite vet, Dr. Ramm, and he got poked and prodded (Tiny just LOVES Dr. Ramm and will do whatever he wants him to do...things that I cant even get him to do).

It's seriously hilarious to watch a vet tech try to get a urine sample from a least Tiny's been trained to go on command...all I had to do was tell Tiny to "hurry up", and the vet tech had to scramble to hold a Tupperware container underneath the dog. Wish I'd had a camera.

I'm really impressed with Tiny's vet, which is why I'll drive 6 miles out of my way with a drooling, yapping 95 pound behemoth sitting in the seat behind me. I'll switch to a closer vet when I get a new dog...maybe...not. I'll just get a smaller dog next time. (something I can pick up when it doesnt want to do something)

Got no crocheting done this weekend. Went out with a friend last night in Lincoln...went to Mammoth Hall at UNL (big anthropological museum) and the planetarium. Watched a movie, and then stopped at the Flying J Truck Stop on the way home for french toast. Didnt find out till around midnight (at the truck stop) that my dad had been trying to reach me all night because my dog was ripping up carpet, eating the plant life in the front yard, and puking up said plant life all over the house. Tiny apparently was more than a little ticked off that his favorite human (that would be me) was not home to comfort him during his gastric distress he gets occasionally. Oh well...Dad never believes me when I tell him how crazy the dog gets when he becomes maybe he'll understand me the next time I make an executive decision to take Tiny to the Doggy ER ($250 just to walk in the door) to get Tiny checked out.

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