Saturday, September 10, 2005

Crochet stuffed animals...

I'm still trying to figure out how to do some amigurumi.... I've done some basic stuffed animals before, so I understand the concept of how to make the parts and put them together....I just cant decide what I want to make, or when I do decide what I want to try to make, I just cant get my crochet hook and yarn to cooperate with me.

I wonder if Michaelangelo had the same problem when he was carving David or the Pieta?

I read somewhere once that Michaelangelo wasnt creating the statues, he claimed they were already there in the marble, and he was only releasing them.

I guess it's kind of the same thing when I crochet something...I already know what I want to make, I've got the yarn to make it, I just have to arrange the yarn in a way that it becomes whatever my brain is imagining.

so, anyways, my latest attempt at making an amigurumi is (hopefully) going to look something like a sock monkey (gosh, I really hope so!)

I've already got a leg crocheted (in Red Heart Super Saver Lt. Grey) I dont know if I have enough of the grey yarn to make the entire monkey in the same color, since I'm using up scrap it could end up looking kind of strange... My big worry is making the face. I cant embroider, so he might end up a faceless, slightly colorful, strange looking sock monkey. Maybe I'll make him in a Halloween theme...then he can be a FrankenMonkey...

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