Friday, September 16, 2005

Bad week.

A few nights ago (monday, I think...) my aunt's dog was attacked INSIDE my aunt's house by a neighbor's dog. My aunt's dog is not doing very well tonight, and might possibly have to be put to sleep this weekend...

The vet is giving the dog a few days and some various medicines to see if she might get better. Judging from what my aunt said tonight, I'm not sure this will have a happy ending.

This is really ticking me off, that my aunt's dog has to suffer because of the carelessness of a neighbor who cant keep their dog under control.

I'm not usually one who would want to hurt a dog, but I really do want to see the neighbor's dog put down if my aunt's dog has to be put to sleep.

As for my crocheting...I havent gotten much done this week, but I did start a new afghan...this one is being done in all white.

Went to the new WalMart SuperCenter that just opened up the street. Their craft department really really really sucks... Hardly any yarn, small amount of fabric. It just didnt impress me at all.

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