Thursday, September 01, 2005

More thoughts about the aftermath of Katrina

I'm sure that everyone is watching what is going on in New Orleans, and will be evaluating just exactly how we (Americans) react to a MAJOR disaster like a Cat4 or Cat5 hurricane hitting a city and wiping it out. You can bet there are people (terrorists) watching what is going on, and they're probably figuring if they can just do enough damage to knock out the infrastructure of a city, that the looters will finish the rest of the job by raping and pillaging the place. I really do hope that every state government is taking note right now of what NOT to do in the case of a disaster...they need to make sure that something like this does not happen anywhere else the next time there's a major disaster like this.

I'm not saying for America to get out of Iraq...I actually support the war, but I do think that we need to keep our National Guard troops on American soil so that we're able to respond a Hell of a lot faster than what's been going on in Louisiana. That's why we have a National Guard, they're here to back up the civillian police force when there are instances of massive civil unrest, and to help mobilize assistance in getting food, water and medical assistance to the people who need it.

They need to place National Guard troops around the places that really need to be the hospitals (protect them from the looters looking for drugs), the evacuation staging areas (to keep people from rioting when there isnt any room left on the buses), and around the food and water supplies so that it is evenly distributed to the people who need it and not hoarded by the looters and rapists with weapons.

They probably could also start setting up MASH units in easily protected areas to help supplement hospitals in the areas they're taking the sick and injured people to. The sick and injured are going to be a major drain (not their fault) on the cities that they're being evacuated to, if we have MASH units in place, they can help keep the hospitals from being totally overwhelmed.

My dad told me tonight that the author Louis L'Amour said once that three out of five people you pass on the street are savages, they just dont know they're savages takes a major disaster or an act of civil unrest to bring it out in them. I think that's been proved this week. (I have no way to confirm that L'Amour actually said that...I tried to look it up, but cant find out where it was quoted at)

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