Sunday, May 21, 2006

Look what I found!!

I was looking for some pieces of jewelry of mine that I couldnt find and hadnt seen for several years...I looked inside one of the ceramic boxes that my grandmother had made for me when I was little (she was crafty), I found a doily that she'd crocheted for me. I had asked her to make me one, and I told her I wanted it to have green in it.

I was excited when a few weeks later she presented me with this

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I hadnt seen this doily in several years. It's in serious need of washing, and needs to be reblocked, but I was really thrilled to find it again. (oh, and by the way, I found the jewelry I had been looking for...along with several other pieces of jewelry I'd been missing...found it right after I found the doily)

Now I'm thinking of trying to either copy the doily by sight, or I'm going to look around and see if I can find the pattern for it.


KTcrochet said...

Oh. my. gosh! What a beautiful work of art! The shades of green are lovely and having something from your grandmother is so very special.

I am so glad for you that you found it!

(from Crochet.About.Com)

ErinLindsey said...

I wish I knew where she got the pattern. I have some of her old Workbasket magazines (along with a couple of Magic Crochet and 1 Crochet Fantasy magazine). I'm going to sit down sometime and go thru those and see if that's where she got the pattern.

I'm kind of tempted to crochet this doily in worsted weight yarn with a larger hook and make a round afghan.