Thursday, May 18, 2006

This is weird...

I've been trying to log into my blog from my desktop computer for about a day. Cant do it. It doesnt recognize my password. My laptop is still allowing me to post to the blog (as long as I dont log out) but it wont let me change my password.

I've been trying to get Blogger to email me a reminder of my password just to make sure it's still what I think it is, but after requesting the reminder from Blogger for a total of about 9 times, I have yet to receive anything in my email.

Totally weird.

Hopefully I wont have to start over with a new blog. I was just starting to like this one. If I do, I'll post a comment to this blog entry saying where the new one is (that's if I lose my ability to log into this blog's account for some reason)

On a crochet note...I've been again attempting the Seraphina shawl...and again I'm cussing up a storm because whoever wrote the pattern seems to have left out some vital information.

I've seen on other blogs that I'm not the only one who's had problems starting the shawl, and others have mentioned that there are NUMEROUS errors in the pattern and they have to twiddle with it to get it to work. I really wish someone would rewrite the pattern to make it usable. It's a neat looking shawl if you can figure it out.

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