Thursday, August 10, 2006

Why is the world so freaking insane?

I dont know if anyone else has watched the news tonight (I'm a news tv is always on FoxNews unless there's something more interesting to watch)


is reporting that the British have arrested at least 20 people who had somehow managed to get LIQUID EXPLOSIVES past airport security. As far as I've figured out from the news, they think they got all of them (hopefully) and that all the planes were headed for the United States.

edit: They just announced they're still looking for at least two people

edit 2: Now they're saying the plot was for 6 airplanes to be blown up, but that they've arrested anywhere between 20 and 50 people involved in the plot.

I just talked to a friend, and he said that most of those planes (the kind that do overseas flights) could potentially have at least 250 passengers per plane. So, do the math. Twenty potential explosives laden airplanes x 250 people per plane. That's at least 5,000 people that could have been killed tonight. (The September 11th attacks killed just under 3,000)

About all I can say is "what the F%&*?!?!?!"

Killing people just because they dont pray to the same god(s) you do is just insane. (the terrorists arrested are all British muslims).

I'm really glad that we're not going to have a 8-10 (today's date) to memorialize like we do 9-11 (that's as long as they got all the terrorists involved in the plot) You have to love the British for managing to get this stopped.

I'm going to bed now. Hopefully there wont be any bad news for me to see on the news in the morning.


Joseph said...

Ive never understood hatred in any form, it makes me sad as well as angry. These terrorists live by a code that teaches them that it is right to kill others for having a belief system other than theirs. No one is born hating others, it is something they learn. All you can do is teach love and tolerance and hope it catches on to as many people as it can.


ErinLindsey said...

Last night (or this morning) when I first saw the news. It was just breaking. The reporters were making it sound so much worse than it apparently was. The way they were telling it, was that they actually caught the terrorists in the act of actually getting onto the planes with real bombs.

I'm glad that now that there's been at least 10-15hrs for the news channels to get their facts straight that it seems like the British and Pakistani authorities arrested the people before they could get that far.

Still, it looks pretty bad, if they had as many people as they said that were going to kill themselves in fiery explosions on an airplane. That's pretty scary.

I dont want to ever see anything as bad as September 11th again. It was bad enough the first time. I dont want to see the terrorists try to top that one.

Debbie's Yarn Closet said...

Hello, Erin. I like your blog a lot. It has inspired me to create a crochet blog of my own. I'm not trying to horn in on you -- but you did truly inspire me to start my own. Here is the link.

Debbie in St. Louis, Missouri

ErinLindsey said...! Now I'll have something else to read while I'm wandering thru the internet. :)

I'm going to go check it right now...