Wednesday, August 30, 2006

That was an expensive headache...

Ok, I might have mentioned something about having a Migraine from Hell and maybe a little vision problem in my left eye in my last post. After much panic, doctor visits, and a lot of money (I met my insurance deductible!), I now have a diagnosis.

It's a migraine.

A 3 week long, vision distorting, annoying, and sleep disturbing migraine. The vision problem is called Optic Neuritis. It caused my regular doctor and an opthamologist enough worry to send me off to get an MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging scan). The MD and the optho both had me totally freaked out, because they were suggesting all manner of scary shit that could have caused the eye problems...and then the radiologist who read the MRI said that I should probably go see a neurologist to rule out some of that scary shit.

So, this morning I went to see the neurologist (an ancient looking guy with gnarled fingers, and hearing aids who was probably good friends with Methuselah as a child). The neuro was pretty cool, he had me walk heel-to-toe, and on the balls of my feet and and my heels, and had me touch my nose with my index fingers with my eyes closed...all that fun stuff.

So, after all that money (an MRI costs $6,000...there goes my dad's 42 inch flat screen, wall mounted tv for Xmas this year) I have a diagnosis of migraines. Which, I think is pretty cool...cause after having all that other scary stuff being described to me, being told I've got a headache sounds pretty good to me. (you have no idea the idea...)

The eye thing should clear up (according to ancient neuro guy) in 6 to 12 weeks (I like the opthamologists estimate of 3 to 6 weeks a lot better) and it should go back to normal vision (or at least what was normal for me...I wear glasses)

After all that, I forgot to ask for a Rx to take for migraines...I guess I can ask the regular doctor about that the next time I get a bad headache.

At least now that I've met my deductible, if I get a bad cold this winter, I wont have to worry about paying for a trip to the doctor...I wonder if I should get my ginormous tonsils removed before the end of the year? (everytime a doctor looks at my tonsils, they always ask if I want them out...maybe I should take them up on it? it would pretty much be a golfball-ectomy)

I'm gonna go take a nap.


Debbie's Yarn Closet said...

I get those darned migraines too. But fortunately mine only last for a couple of days. I hope you feel better really soon. - Debbie -

old lady said...

Hope you're feeling better quickly. Thank goodness you didn't have anything serious. I truly understand the stress. I had to go for an MRI, too to rule out stuff. It's really scary.
Just found your blog and am enjoying it. Your crochet work is wonderful.

ErinLindsey said...

I'm sort of feeling better. Amazing how tired a migraine can make you feel.

Today was probably one of the first days I ventured out of my basement and out into the sun...and then I went out for pizza with a friend of mine for his birthday.

I think I'll be spending the next couple of days recovering from today's little adventure. My eye hurts and my vision in that eye looks like I'm trying to see out a very very dirty window.

time for bed...and another ibuprofen. Hopefully my liver and kidneys dont rebell against me for all the tylenol and ibuprofen I've been sending thru them.