Friday, November 04, 2005

Sweater in-progress pictures

Here are some pictures of the adult cardigan sweater I'm working on. Got the pattern from Dot's website (probably the best crochet pattern writer on the internet)

I diverged from her pattern a little (a lot) I did the yoke exactly as the pattern said, but then I had a problem getting one of the stitches for the body of the sweater to work right for me. (I was dizzy from an ear infection...all drugged up on Dramamine, not much was making sense) So, I decided to do a fan stitch instead. I figured if it didnt work, I could frog it back down to the end of the yoke and start over. Surprised the heck out of me that my fan stitch is working...glad about that....I really didnt want to frog it and start over.

Here's the first picture from the front

Image hosted by

From the back

Image hosted by

And a close up of the fan stitches

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I'm excited about this sweater. I've always wanted to be able to crochet a cardigan sweater, and now it seems I can. I already know it's not going to fit me, but maybe it will make a good Christmas present for someone. I just hope I dont have any problems with the sleeves. (that's my big worry now)


Dot said...

It's gorgeous, Erin. You go girl! It really is looking good. You shouldn't have any trouble with the sleeves, it's just working in the round. You can even use your shell pattern on the sleeves too.

ErinLindsey said...

Glad you like how I'm doing it. I'm just so glad that you wrote such clear instructions to get me as far as I did before I diverged from the pattern. I'm enjoying crocheting so much more this year...probably because I'm finally able to do more than just afghans now. I cant wait to see more patterns appear on your website. I'm just amazed at the stuff you've designed.