Thursday, September 16, 2010

Ok, I think I fixed it.

I checked the settings, and I dont know what happened to my blog. I dont know if Blogspot changed something in the past few months and I didnt notice it, or what. Somehow my blog had the archives hidden, so every post I'd written for the past five years was not showing up.

After I got done panicking, thinking I'd lost every thing, I dug into the dashboard of the blog a little bit, and I think I fixed the archive stuff, and whatever was translating my blog titles into Hindi was some setting for transliteration. (WTF?)

I think I got that fixed too, since the title for this blog post seems to be in English (for me at least)

It's been a long annoying summer (annoying health problem bugging me that made me ignore my blog for quite awhile. I'm fine, btw)

I didnt realize there was a problem until someone emailed me to ask if I'd closed my blog.

No, my blog is not closed. I dont know what happened to the settings, and hopefully that doesnt happen again. Can someone comment on my blog and tell me if things look ok?


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Marilyn S. said...

yep it looks fine, it was me who emailed about whether you'd closed your blog. I just couldn't figure out how to get to the present posts instead of going one at a time (forwards) through 2005, 2006 posts. I think I got to the earlier posts from a comment you made re the seraphina shawl on crochetville. (anything with "I love yarn" catches my eye. :-))
Marilyn, blogless but with a couple internet stores, ebay, bonanzle, etsy. marecrochets