Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Holy crap! I wrote a pattern!

Back in April I made my b-in-law some fingerless mitts because his hands were cold. I actually bothered to write down how I did it. I made him two pairs and did the second pair differently than the first pair. So, I'm posting how I did it.

I'm not the greatest pattern writer. I had to have help with the rectangle granny square to make it readable and understandable. So, if these patterns are a bit confusing, I'm sorry. I didnt ask anyone to help me with writing these out. I pretty much wrote them out as I was making them, and saved them in Word until I decided tonight to post this.

fingerless mitts

(this is the first pattern, wrote it out kind of basic)

Fingerless mitt

Chain 25

Hdc in each sts for 9 rows

Row 10: chain 2, hdc for 5 sts, ch 2, sk 2 sts, hdc in each sts to end of row

Rows 11 to 18, hdc in each sts till you have 18 rows

Fold lengthwise and sew or crochet up the side to finish off.

(this is the second version. Basically the same as the first one, except that I changed the chain-up part from a chain-2 to a chain-1.)

Fingerless Mitts
(Make two)

Foundation Row: Chain 25

Row 1: half double crochet in 2nd chain from hook, half double crochet in each st to end of row.

Row 2: Chain 1 loosely. (you don’t really need height on this one, and just doing a loose ch-1 gives you enough height, and you dont end up with that loopy look on the ends that a ch-2 gives you sometimes) Half double crochet in each st till end of row.

Work in pattern to Row 10.

Row 10: (thumbhole row) ch 1, hdc in next 5 sts, ch 2, skip next 2 sts, hdc in next st. Hdc in each st to end of row.

Rows 11 to 18: hdc in each sts to Row 18.

Fold lengthwise and sew or slip stitch up the side to make a tube.

(Optional) You can crochet around the edge of the openings to give it a more finished look. I did that for one pair of fingerless mitts I made for my brother-in-law. I didnt care for the edging on the ends of the mitts tho)

I took pictures, but then over the summer I was a bit sick, and now dont remember which of the mitt pictures I took was which. I used the same color yarn for both pairs, and I guess now it doesnt really matter which one was made first. At least you can get a basic idea of what they looked like when I was finished.

fingerless mitts

fingerless mitts

fingerless mitts

fingerless mitts


Katy Ravensong said...

I have saved quite a few fingerless glove patterns that I have found. I haven't made any yet but determined I would before the weather turns cold. I really, really like this pair and it will be the one that I make. Thank you for sharing.

Anonymous said...

pictures of the remodeling???

ErinLindsey said...

The remodeling just finished a day ago. I have to clean and organize the photographs I took of the Before and Afters.

Technically it's not actually finished. They forgot to paint my bathroom ceiling, and we're still waiting on the cabinet doors for the ginormous cabinet that we had built in my parents bathroom.

AmberVision said...

I am going to try your pattern here I really like it. Somehow I came accross your comments at I think about crochet topics. Then I found your blogsite then I started reading about all of your remodeling and wow this is the first time I ever checked anything like this out and I have used the internet ever since it came out. So thanks for the open-ness, Geez it is so viral isn't it? Just wanted to throw a shout out and say Hi. I am still NEW ish to crochet, can't seem to get past and I have started with knitting somewhat. I would love to hit the lotto and open a place called 'the yarn barn' where all yarn could be found in one place...since you are obsessed with yarns, wouldn't that be fabulous?


I need to see how this blogspot works out... so much to learn...hmmmm

Unknown said...

Thanks for sharing - lovely pattern x

Karen said...

Hey, I stumbled across this blog by accident, but I'm sondering if you've ever tried repairing a granny square blanket? I can crochet, but I have no idea of how to go about repairing this super-old blanket for my MIL. There are several squares that need repairing. I don't care if the new and old yarn match, persay, I just want it to be usable again.

ErinLindsey said...

No, I dont know how to repair an afghan. Have you tried going to any yarn stores in your area? Maybe you can find someone who can either teach you to repair it, or maybe hire someone to fix it.

I did have an afghan my dad knitted years ago that had a hole in it back in the late 80s. I had my grandmother fix it for me. I was amazed at how well she fixed it, because it was knitted, and she was a crocheter. Wish she was still here, I'd have her teach me how to fix finished afghans that get damaged.

Karen said...

That is an excellent idea! There is one yarn store. The girl is a knitter, but I think she has a crochet class too. If she can't do it herself, maybe she knows of someone. Thanks for the advice. I often wish people who have passed were here to pass on their wisdom. And of course because I miss them. Thanks again!

Anonymous said...

I have been looking for his type of pattern for fingerless gloves, easy and quick to assemble, but very stylish !! Thanks !! <3

Unknown said...

i like how it looks...

Anonymous said...

These look great, what size hook did you use?

ErinLindsey said...

I dont remember. Probably an "H" or an "I" hook

Lena said...

I loved the gloves!
I'm learning how to crochet and so far had made only single crochet squares and your glove pattern motivated me to try something new (hdc) but the glove I made came out way too big. I was wondering if you remember the measurements of yours. Thanks a bunch.

ErinLindsey said...

I dont remember the measurements. I was sick when I made them. Try using a smaller hook.

I think when I originally made them, I used a bigger hook (size I...maybe?) and they came out fine for me to give to my b-in-law. For female hands, you might want to play around with the hook size till you find a gauge that you're happy with.

Anonymous said...

What size are these fingerless mitts? my son-in-law has large hands and I want to make these for xmas.....what size of crochet hook did you use? Thanks

ErinLindsey said...

It was either a size H or a size I hook.

You might be able to size up just by using a larger size hook.