Thursday, September 16, 2010

ओके, थिस इस वेइर्द.

I was starting to type up this post, and when I typed in the title, the English letters turned into what looks like Chinese. Totally weird. Hope my blog isnt having a problem.

Can someone post a comment to me telling me if my blog is readable (in English) and tell me how far back my posts go, because I got an email from someone earlier today saying that a bunch of my posts are missing.

edited to add:

I googled the weird text in the title of my post, and had it translated. It translates out to what I actually typed. (should say "ok, this is weird", and it's apparently in Hindi.

I'm not Hindu. I've never been to India, (American and damned proud of it too!) and I dont know why my blog would suddenly have it's titles being translated into Hindi. This is just freaking weird!

if I have to, I'll start a new blog somewhere, but I'm going to see what the hell is going on with this one.

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Resmi... said...


I was just browsing across crochet blogs and came across yours. The posts are nice.

I am from India and just wanted to let you know that Hindi is a language and Hindu is a religion. We are known as Indians and not Hindus. Just thought you mistook that the people speaking Hindi are known as Hindus.

Happy crocheting! :-)