Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Pictures! Some knitting, and maybe a little video

Here's a picture of my scarf that took me five months to make. Sorry the picture kind of sucks. I dont have good light in my room.

Finished knitted scarf

This is some video of a yellow finch, (or maybe a goldfinch) that was attempting to break into my parents bedroom thru the window. He wasnt successful. I think he gave up after a bit when he deveoped a bit of a headache. (I have more video of this, it was kind of fun to watch)

Will someone tell me if the video is working??...it looks like Photobucket and Blogger dont like each other when it comes to video.

These are a few pictures of the magnolias that bloomed on my mother's magnolia bush that we had thought was dead for the past two years. Amazing that they came back!

Magnolias from my mom's magnolia bush

Magnolias from my mom's magnolia bush

Magnolias from my mom's magnolia bush

If that video doesnt work, I'll see if Flickr has a video thingie on their site...either that or I'll go to YouTube....


Anonymous said...

the video worked!

Anonymous said...

what kind of magnolia tree is that? Is it southern magnolia or some other variety?

ErinLindsey said...

Yay! the video works! (altho, my voice sounds weird to me...probably because my allergies hit the day that I took that video)

I'm not sure what kind of magnolia that is. I think my mom told me once that it's a Star magnolia, but I'm not sure. We have 3 magnolia bushes and none of them are the same kind.

I'm pretty sure it's one of the Southern varieties, since my mom is Southern and loves anything that can be considered Southern. Amazing that it grows so well up here in Nebraska.