Sunday, May 11, 2008

Never again. Ever!

I'm never ever going to enter an Eyemasters' store to buy new glasses or lenses again!

First off, the customer service is non-existent. Sure, they might have a few nice frames, but I'm pretty sure that untrained monkeys could do a better freaking job!

Last sunday, I went up there to buy new glasses. (That was the first mistake. I usually go to Lenscrafters, but was trying to not spend a ton on new glasses)

So, I walked around in Eyemasters and found some frames that I kind of liked. The girl took all the little measurements they have to do so that the glasses will actually help you see better. It was late, so I didnt insist on them making the glasses in an hour. Said I would come back the next day.

Went back the next day when they told me to be there. (5pm) and...the glasses were not ready!

So, I went back the next day. The glasses were ready. It took them a half an hour to find the freaking glasses. (they were in the safe, because I had an outstanding balance on them for the transition lenses that I forgot to ask for) They finally found them, so I put them on, and immediately took them off because the right eye did not like the lens. The girl helping me said she'd adjust things and that would probably help. So, she adjusted them, and it didnt really help.

She told me sometimes it takes a few hours or a day to get used to them. So, dumbass me, said I'd wear them a bit to see if I get used to them and left. I paid the outstanding balance and left... Staggering out the door practically.

I get home and I'm still not used to them. Sat outside with my parents, and didnt get used to them. I was looking at my parents and noticed that the double vision I naturally have in my right eye that I've learned to ignore was really bad.

So, I called my opthalmologist's office and they told me to bring my new glasses in and they'd check to make sure that they were made right. Of course, they werent made correctly. My center of vision was off by a centimeter or two, and the optician there said that there was some sort of flaw in the lens too that I hadnt noticed.

He told me to go back to Eyemasters and tell them to remake them. So, I went back and asked them to remake them. They told me it would be 48 hours to two weeks because they had to wait for new lenses to come in, since they'd apparently used the last of that particular type of lens on my new (badly made) glasses. That was thursday.

So, I hadnt gotten a call yet, and decided to check and see if they were ready today. Called and checked, and they were ready. So my dad drove me over there to pick them up.

I should have known that it was a bad sign when they couldnt find the damn glasses again. Waited about a half hour before they found them. The girl looking for them said that it was possible they werent ready, and that the other girl who told me they were ready never went and checked to make totally sure they were ready.

Finally, they got their manager to find them. He came out with them, and said that all I had to do was pay the outstanding balance. What outstanding balance? Dumbass who I paid last week didnt put the freaking receipt on the paperwork saying they were paid. I whipped out my receipt to prove I'd paid, and he checked his computer (interesting lack of trust even tho I had a receipt)

The computer said I had paid. So, he finally hands me the glasses. I put them on, and damnit if they werent almost as badly made as they were the other day!! He said he'd go see if they had the lenses for them and that he would remake them.

I just looked at my dad for a second, and then told the guy to just give me my money back. My dad told me and the guy that he thought I should get my money back because my eyes are too important and that he didnt think they'd get these lenses made any better for me. (Dad was annoyed that they seemed to be so unorganized)

The manager didnt even argue with us...he started to give us our money back. My dad had used his card the day we ordered the glasses to pay, and I had paid the outstanding balance with my card when I asked them for transition lenses. So, he had to do a refund on both cards. Poor guy was so confused. Took him 10 minutes to figure out how to do a refund on my dad's card, and then another 25 minutes to do the refund on my card. He actually had to call someone at another store to figure out how to do the refund for my card. (ummm...wouldnt you just do it the same way he did the refund for my dad?)

My dad and I both made the observation that the people running this place were complete morons...untrained Howler Monkeys could do better.

I worked in a McDonald's once, where the store was falling down all around us, and the assistant managers were embezzling money, and it was much better organized and run much better than this particular Eyemasters was.

I'm going to my opthalmologist's office tomorrow and will buy my new frames and lenses from the optician there. They might be more expensive and not have as big a selection, but at least they'll know what they're doing. (and I can get my Rx double checked for free by my opthalmologist or one of his partners)

If I ever go to buy glasses from a store at the mall ever again, I'm sticking with Lenscrafters or Pearle Vision. EyeMasters totally sucked. That was such a waste of time. They were total morons.


Anonymous said...

pictures of your knitted projects?

ErinLindsey said...

Eventually. I have to find the cable to my camera to get the pictures out.