Sunday, July 30, 2006

Finished! (well, mostly)

It took me five days, but with the help of my trusty yarn winder I got most of my scrap yarn under control. I'm sure I have a few stragglers lurking around, but I got just finished getting everything put away.

I gave up all hope of actually getting everything organized according to color. But at least now everything is all in one place and at least not getting tangled up into unrecoverable wads.

The stash. Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

What I couldnt stuff into the cabinet

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Works in progress

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The Rubbermaid tote is full of skeins that are still in their yarn bands.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

and a completly stuffed former computer a yarn containment center.

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My arm hurts!!! But I love the yarn winder.

This stash is just what was in my bedroom. I still have at least 4 Rubbermaid totes (larger than the one tote in the pictures) that are stuffed full of even more scrap and full skeins. It'll be awhile before I can drag those out of the store room. Tons of other junk is piled in front of those boxes. Right now, I need to let my wrist and shoulder rest from 5 days of winding.

Now I just need to figure out what to make with all my scrap. I'll probably be able to make one heck of a good scrap-a-ghan with it all.


joseph said...

Oh I wish I had an orginizational gene somwhere in my makeup. My partner is ready to strangle me with my own yarn, wrap me in doilies and unfinished afgans and throw me into the ocean! We need another house just to store craft supplies paint and implements (we are also both painters God help us). How much did that yarn winder run and where did you get it? Maybe it could save me from myself!

ErinLindsey said...

I got the winder from a local yarn store here in Omaha. It cost me about $50. You can probably find one on the internet. The brand name is Royal. Here's one that I saw on eBay

This is about as organized as I got. Now that I got the scrap all wound up and had it organized, I now have about 20 balls of wound yarn laying about my room. It seems to have escaped from the neatly organized stash I had taken pictures of a few weeks ago.

and now, to make matters worse, I've just learned how to knit (all I could do before was crochet) So now I have another excuse to go out and buy even more yarn. (I got some more was on sale! I HAD to get it!)

Anonymous said...

Im tying myself up in knitting needles for the first time as well. I'm about to agree with my grandmothers assesment on the matter... Her only comment when I asked her If she knew how to knit was, "Your great aunt Hazel used to knit...She was crazy and she talked to her tea pot" Im too afraid to even attempt deciphering that one