Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Got myself a new toy!

I finally got to the yarn store and purchased a yarn winder. I absolutely adore this thing. Gadgets are cool, and this is probably the neatest crochet/yarn related gadget that I've ever had. I've already wound about 30 little balls/cakes of yarn with it. (I have a big scrap box)

The lady at the store said that it was addictive...she was right.

Here's a picture of it

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I also (un)sucessfully completed an amineko (Japanese crocheted cat) today. I know I screwed up on it, and that it doesnt really come that close to the original Aminekos that I've seen others do, but it was my first attempt.

Here it is, hugging my new yarn winder. (ignore my messy 'puter desk)

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I gave this one to my aunt Janice to give to her granddaughter. I'm planning on making another one. Hopefully the later generations will look more like the pattern designers did.


Sharon said...

HI Erin congrats on your recent toy. I am sure that you will love it. I enjoy your blog quite a bit.
I wanted to send you an email about your rectangle granny square but I could not find your email addy. Take care

ErinLindsey said...

my email is erin_lindsey_o AT (you'll have to put the @ sign in there...typed it out that way to keep the spammers from automatically getting my email address)

I've been winding a LOT of yarn today. I'm reorganizing my yarn stash and getting the scraps under control. It's amazing how much space a hand-rolled ball of yarn takes up versus a yarn winder winded ball does.

Candy said...

Hi Erin, Aren't those ball winders great! I have one too, and once I get started with it, it's so hard to stop! I'm sure you'll get lots of use out of it.


ErinLindsey said...

oh yeah...I've been winding yarn for two days. I've got most of my scrap yarn under control. I'll be posting pictures later of just a small amount of my scrap yarn that I've wound.

I really really love that yarn winder...I think I'm addicted to it now.