Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Pays to complain Part II

My mom's relatives always sends us a nice box of grapefruits and oranges for Christmas (thanks Sid!) and this year, we got something interesting and actually kind of funny in our box of tasty fruit.

My dad was getting my mom a grapefruit from the box the other day, and he discovered a perfectly peeled (and slightly moldy) orange...wrapped up in the green tissue paper they pack the fruit in. It looked like it had been peeled by a machine it was so perfect. I thought it was kind of funny, but still thought that the company might want to know. So I emailed the fruit company and asked if they were supposed to pre-peel the oranges, or was this an "escapee" from someone's lunch.

I got a prompt reply that, no, they dont pre-peel the oranges. They thanked me for my sense of humor and for informing them of the "abnormality", and now we're getting another shipment of tasty grapefruits and oranges. (Yum!) I love oranges, so I'm pretty thrilled that they've got such great customer service...my mom was excited...she gets to have Florida grapefruits for breakfast for just a little while longer.

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