Wednesday, October 19, 2005

*sniffle* I think my flu shot worked a little too well...

I've been sneezing and sniffling for two days now. Got a flu shot over the weekend...It's probably just allergies (my neighborhood is still under construction...lots of dust from the construction), but dang if I dont feel like I've got a cold or something.

I started a new afghan last's my first attempt at a round ripple, just not the pattern that I wanted to try. This one is a 5-pointed star. I'm using this pattern

It's basically practice for the other round ripples that I've found...this one seems to be the easiest, so I'm doing this one till I get more comfortable doing a round ripple. Then I'll try the other ones. For this one, I'm using Red Heart Super Saver yarn...So far the colors in it are Lavender and White...I've got some Starbrights laying around that I might use (variegaited multicolored yarn...kind of like a rainbow color) and I might throw in some Amythyst also...I'm pretty much using what I have laying around in my scrapboxes.

So far it seems to be going pretty well...looks like it curls up a bit in a few spots, but when I lay it flat it seems to straighten itself out. It's actually not a bad pattern...little difficult figuring out exactly what the increases are since the pattern only gives you enough to get you to Round 9...after that you're on your own. But so far I think I've got it. It's actually not too much different than making a giant granny square.

Not sure who I'll give the afghan to once I'm finished. Maybe I'll keep this one?

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