Friday, October 14, 2005

Now what do I do?

I just finished a purple and white poncho (pictures will be posted later this weekend probably)

Now I need to find something else to make.

Saw a picture of a 6 pointed star ripple afghan the other day (a star ripple is kind of like a giant granny square, except it's in a star shape...think I've seen them with anywhere from 5 to 8 points on them)

I have a pattern for something like it, but I dont care much for the pattern that I have... I wish I could find something like the picture I saw the other day. Oh me something to look for when I'm at the library.

I have a ton of scrap yarn left from the last few projects I've done...I think it's time to start another scrap afghan...I just need a really cool pattern


Karen said...

Hi Erin.

There is a pattern on this site for a six point star afghan. You have to join to get the patterns. It is a site for charity crocheting. The site is at

I remember seeing one recently on there. Hope this helps. Karen

ErinLindsey said...

That's the one I have...if I cant find the one I saw the other day, I might try the one from, but I really hope I can find the other one.

Karen said...

Erin, do you still have a picture of the one from the other day? Maybe I can help you find it. Karen

ErinLindsey said...

check my blog again...I'll leave the picture there...