Sunday, August 07, 2005

It's too hot to crochet...

It's been one of those days. Got up (at 8am, after going to bed at 3am)...took the dog outside...brought dog gets sick inside...took dog outside again...

I think my wireless internet connection problems may be fixed.. My dad and I went to Best Buy this morning and bought new cordless phones. Instead of getting the standard 2.4 megahertz phones, which can interfere with my wireless connection, which ironically is ALSO 2.4 megahertz. We got a set of 5.8 megahertz phones. Made by motorola. Cant use them yet. They have to charge for 16hrs, but I did disconnect the old phones and take their batteries out. I'm not getting as many dropouts as I was. Hope this works.

Hoping to finish a couple of projects tonight so that I get some pictures of them. One is a poncho that I'm making for my aunt Janice's sister...the other is an American flag afghan that I've been done with for about a month now, but I still have to weave in the endless tails that are in it. I was planning on putting crocheted stars onto it, but after weaving all those tails in, I just cant bring myself to do any sewing of star appliques. So this will probably be my 17th or 18th American flag afghan that I've made, and I've yet to put stars in any of them. I'm thinking of keeping this afghan for myself. I'll post pictures of my projects later.

My other crochet project that I'm just starting is a sweater vest. I made one earlier this spring that turned out ok, but I screwed up a little on the front. That earlier vest, and this new one, are just products of my imagination...I have no real pattern for them. What I've done, is take a store bought fabric vest and I've just tried to follow the shape of the vest with what I'm crocheting. Works pretty good with some other stuff I've done, and that first vest turned out almost ok.

here's a picture of that first vest.

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