Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Guess I'll skip the Mardi Gras this year...

I've been watching the news today about Hurricane Katrina. I didnt quite believe it this morning when I saw the news and someone in Mississippi (think it was the mayor of Gulfport) said that "this is our tsunami". I didnt think it could be that bad

As the day went on, and I watched more and more of Fox News, and heard that the water was rising in New Orleans, and that 55 people died in one county in Mississippi...I'm starting to believe that it's worse than bad.

I live in Nebraska, so I'm pretty removed from it all, but it's starting to slowly sink in...

I feel almost as bad as I did on September 11th when I woke up to find that the world had changed. At least this time it was a storm, an act of nature, and not 19 insane people willing to kill for their religion.

I just dont quite understand why the governments of the states that were hit by the hurricane didnt hire Greyhound buses before the storm hit to take anyone who wanted to leave, but couldnt afford it financially, out of the storm area.

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