Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Finally upgrade to IE7, and I'm not happy.

I upgraded from IE6 last night to IE7 because IE6 kept locking up my computer...if I went to any pages that had Flash running on them, the page would close and I'd have to send Microsoft an "Error Report".

I got tired of it when sites that I never had a problem with before started to lock up, so I upgraded...and IE7 sucks just about as much.

I just checked my blog, and my pictures are on top of the links on the right side of the page. Not sure how to fix that.

I dont like this tabbed browsing crap. I read somewhere that you could put IE7 into "Classic view" (would look like IE6) but, that function is either a myth, or they took it out.

The tabs are annoying. If I click on some links in My Favorites, with the mouse cursor too far to the right, it opens every freaking link in the folder. The Refresh button is in the wrong spot, and why do I have two spots for Google? Plus, the Command Bar has some commands on them that I really dont want to have there. I've removed them multiple times, but whenever I open a new browser window, they're back. They wont stay gone.


At least I was consoled from my computer woes by going with my aunt to look at Pug puppies. (I want one!!!) She didnt get one yet, but I can bet that I'll be heading up to the pet store today or tomorrow to buy some chew toys for whatever puppy she may potentially bring home.

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