Sunday, March 19, 2006

Danged allergies!!

Well, we'd attempted to adopt a Yorkie Terrier puppy this weekend.

Found a beautiful yorkie puppy in Plattsmouth, NE. Brought him home on a trial basis.

Good thing it was a trial, because I started to have an allergic reaction to the little guy by the next morning. Spent the day trying to deny that I was having an allergic reaction.

We ended up taking the little guy back to the breeder's house last night. He was really a good dog...if I hadnt been going mad from hives and starting to sniffle and sneeze I would have kept him.

He was a lot different than Tiny was when he was a baby...this little puppy was actually almost well behaved. All puppies are maniacal little terrors, and this guy wasnt any different, except for the fact that he seemed to want to please us. He'd go into his crate without complaining, and he'd actually stay in there quietly while I was eating last night.

Tiny was the Puppy From Hell, but he turned out to be the best dog in the world. I really hope whoever gets to adopt that little puppy realizes the good potential that little guy has...he could end up being just as good a dog as TinyMonsters was.

I wish I hadnt had that allergic reaction to him

I hadnt eaten anything all day yesterday, mostly because I didnt (and still dont) feel good, and partially because I wasnt sure if the hives was related to the dog or a food allergy. So I went without eating, and the hives started getting worse and I was getting sniffly and sneezy and my eyes were watering.

Since we took him back I've been getting better, not so sniffly or sneezy...but my eyes are still feeling the pain and I still have a few hives lingering around.

The whole allergy thing kind of makes me wonder if this explains my unexplained hives that I've been having on and off for the past year. I hope I wasnt developing an allergy to dogs...I *might* (but probably wont) get another one someday.

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