Friday, January 08, 2010

There goes a favorite Omaha restaurant.

Tonight (thursday) the best bagel store in Nebraska, The Bagel Bin, is gone.

It caught fire around 10pm. Last I heard, it was a 3 alarm fire, and the roof had collapsed. The fire started in the Bagel Bin, and spread to a few other businesses that were in the small strip mall that it was in.

No word if anyone was inside (they cook the bagels at night). I hope no one was inside.

My mom knows the owner. We love the bagels that we got at that place. Actually made a special trip there on Christmas eve to get a dozen so that we'd have stuff for munchies over Christmas.

I hope no one was hurt, and that all the firefighters dont have any major problems fighting the fire. (they've got a big problem, the cold...dangerous windchills tonight, and high winds)

I'm going to miss the Bagel Bin if they dont rebuild. I hope she does tho...It would be sad if the only bagels available in town were from Panera. Panera's bagels are NOT bagels...that's just fancy bread. Bagel Bin made true bagels!

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