Sunday, November 30, 2008

Finished a few things.

Here's some pictures.

Seraphina shawl. Made in Bernat Berella "4"

Seraphina shawl

Seraphina shawl

Seraphina shawl The waffle stitch afghan is finished.

Waffle Stitch afghan

I'm tired, so that's it for this blog post.


Anonymous said...

what do you do with all the stuff you finish?

ErinLindsey said...

Lately I've been keeping a lot of it. I am working on a shawl for one of my dad's aunts.

My dad will occasionally buy one of my finished projects to give as a gift to someone. (basically, he just trades me fresh yarn for something finished)

Anonymous said...

Could you tell me where you found the pattern for the waffle stitch blanket or tell me how you did it? Thank you

ErinLindsey said...

Marlene, it's called "Shadow Box Throw, and it's found at the Coats & Clark website at this link

Anonymous said...

Any pictures of Christmas in the snow?......Sid

Anonymous said...

Have you ever looked at Project Linus? Sid

Crochet Mom said...


I really like your saraphina and the waffle stitch is something I haven't tried yet. Congratulations on your finished crochet!

Hope you don't mind me asking. But, do you think this seraphina shawl would make a good winter shawl(I noticed it's a little holey)?

I'd like to maybe try one and make this soon for a favorite sister in-law.

Thanks for reading this.