Sunday, June 08, 2008

We're fine, in case anyone is wondering...

We had a tornado last night about 230am. I'm pretty sure the biggest damage was south of me, in a part of town called Millard (Millard is actually Omaha. Millard was a town of it's own until the Omaha-Borg assimilated it, I think when I was a small child....-Resistance is Futile!-)

The news is saying about 100 houses in the Millard area were damaged, a few of them beyond repair. Saw an interesting picture of some beams that were imbedded in people's front yards, and one picture of what looks like a 12 foot+ long beam that's impaled in the side of a house.

The Omaha police have closed down access into Millard to keep the sightseers (ghouls, looters, YouTube video wannabees) from wandering into the neighborhoods and hurting themselves.

The tornado touched down, ripped up Millard and then went back up and probably dropped down into other parts of Omaha (central and north) to make a mess before it wandered over into Iowa. There's apparently a lot of tree damage in various parts of town.

Other than the damage in Millard, the bigger worry now is flash flooding. They're saying we got 2 or 3 inches or more of rain last night, and we're expecting some more thunderstorms later today. So, a few people may be swimming out of their neighborhoods later tonight.

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Anonymous said...

Glad that you had no damage. We had 7 drops of rain yesterday.