Friday, June 22, 2007

Now I'm depressed...

I just watched the final episode of Stargate SG-1. (No, I'm not going to spoil it for anyone who hasnt seen it yet)

This has been one of my favorite shows for ten years (except for a season or two when Michael Shanks {Daniel Jackson} was off the show) The only other show that I really enjoyed as much as Stargate was MacGyver (and gosh, how happy am I that Richard Dean Anderson was in both shows!)

At least they're going to have two direct-to-video movies coming out probably within the year. And at least I still have Stargate: Atlantis to watch, and at least one person from the original Stargate will be jumping over to Atlantis (Amanda Tapping)

Hopefully Santa Claus will bring me the entire series of Stargate in a box set for Christmas. I still have to catch up on those seasons I missed when Michael Shanks left the show.

I did something I never thought I'd manage to do. I somehow managed to use up about 3/4 of my yarn stash (it was mostly scrap yarn) I recently got a new bed, with storage underneath. So today I was finally getting things put away, and in a rare burst of energy, I decided to straighten out my yarn cabinet. So I opened it up and pulled out all the little yarn cakes and was surprised that there was not as much yarn in that cabinet when I filled it up last year (or was it the year before?)

I managed to get almost all of that yarn into the really nifty craft tote I bought on clearance at Joann's Crafts the other day, and also into a blanket bag (the kind when you buy new bedding that have zippers and are made of clear plastic) The blanket bag isnt even that big. So, now that I have a newly emptied out cabinet space, I decided to get my old laptop out of it's exile to my dad's office and it's now happily purring away in my yarn cabinet (which used to be a computer cabinet before it became a yarn storage device. Now it's a computer cabinet again.) When I start back to school this fall, I'm probably going to use that computer for schoolwork and that desk just for doing homework. If I manage to get my certificate for medical transcription soon, I'm going to probably also use that desk as a work area if I can get a transcription job working from home.

I'm now thinking of cleaning my closet tomorrow. I probably wont, but I am thinking about it.

I want to go buy new yarn since I got rid of a ton of scrap yarn, but I think I'll see how much more yarn I can get rid of before I start to stash it again.


Sid said...

So you have decided to do medical transcription. Ann's husband Jon's brother does medical transcription from home and he takes care of their little girl. Jon's mother taught MT at a business college here and Mike learned how so he could work in the summer and now that is what he does for a living.

I have a lesson scheduled for Tuesday to begin learning how to use my serger. I can't wait.

ErinLindsey said...

Yep, I'm going to do MT... I'd taken classes for it several years back. I'd done Medical Terminology and just loved that class for some strange reason. I really liked learning the meaning of the words.

Plus, that terminology class was more like a very intense anatomy class (just without the dead bodies to dissect) I really enjoyed it. It was also one of the few classes in my life that I had straight A's on most of the tests. I even made the Dean's List that year because of that class. (I take classes one or two at a time, easier for me to learn and concentrate on a subject)

I'm going to be signing up in the fall. I've had a lot of weird "logistical" problems with trying to get back to school the last few months.

I'm kind of excited, if I can get my certificate, I'd like to work in an actual office for a while, and then maybe work from home. My transcription teacher that I had a few years ago (got a D in the class because I fell behind after an ear infection) said that transcriptionists can make pretty decent money, so I'm excited to see if that's true or not. But, at least it'll be a job.

Or, I could possibly try to get a job doing Desktop Publishing...I love playing around with Word on my computer. Using all I learned in my Desktop Publishing classes to help me organize my crochet patterns that I download off the internet. Lots of good designers on the internet that are giving away some pretty nice patterns.

Sid said...

sounds like good thinking

Sid said...

I am going to my exercise class at Curves.

Sid said...

send me your mother's email address again. mine is

Anonymous said...

moi aussi je suis fan de stargate, j'ai vu la plupart des ├ępisodes sur internet, j'adore
bisous du Maroc.